Drivers can check the validity of their vignette at and on the mobile app

Drivers can check the validity of their vignette at and on the mobile app

9 January 2023

Източник: Drivers can check the validity of their vignette at and on the mobile app

In the first two months of 2023, nearly 664,000 annual e-vignettes for light vehicles will expire. Of these, over 324,000 will expire in January and around 340,000 in February. On the first day of the new year, 3 941 vignettes will expire.

On the website from the button "Vignette Check" („Проверка на винетка“) after entering the registration number of the car and the country of registration, everyone can get information about the expiry date of the electronic vignette, regardless of where it was bought - from sales offices of the Road Infrastructure Agency or in the commercial network of the partners of the Agency. The status may be "active", "expired" or "unused" in cases where the vignette was purchased with delayed start of up to 30 days from the initial validity date.

From 1 January 2023, vignettes will become cheaper by nearly 10%. The annual vignette will cost 87 leva, the quarterly - 48 leva, the monthly - 27 leva, the weekly - 13 leva, and the weekend vignette - 9 leva.

The National Toll Administration appeals to the users to use the website or the mobile application when buying an e-vignette, as well as the other sales channels of the Road Infrastructure Agency - at the counter against payment in cash or through a self-checkout terminal - with card. The counters are located at the main border cjeckpoints as well as at the 27 regional road administrations across the country. There are nearly 500 self-checkout terminals.

Electronic vignettes can also be purchased from the partner network of the Road Infrastructure Agency via the websites,,,,,,,, as well as at the cash points in the network of the mobile operators A1, Telenor, Vivacom, Bulgarian Post, Easy Pay, Fast Pay and in the petrol stations Lukoil, Petrol, OMV, ECO, Cruise, Benita, Gazprom, Rompetrol, Shell, Insa Oil, VM Petrolium, service centres “Taho Ventsi”, the insurance broker I&G Insurance Brokers Ltd, from the terminals of Cashterminal in the network of Intercapital Group or via the mobile applications UBB mobile, TollPass and Phyre.

When purchasing an e-Vignette, users need to carefully review and verify the information that they or the relevant employee has entered before confirming the final payment for the e-Vignette. It is the responsibility of the owner or user to fill in the correct information about the vehicle number, its category and the period of validity of the vignette. In case of incorrectly declared information, it shall be deemed that the due vignette fee for the respective vehicle has not been paid.

The entry of the characters of the registration number may be in Cyrillic or Latin characters, but shall correspond to the characters of the registration number itself. Only letters and digits shall be entered when writing the number. The characters 0 (zero) and O (letter O) are not interchangeable. A digit of the number must be written as 0 (zero) and a letter as 'O'. If the registration number contains a hyphen, dot or space, these shall not be entered.