Over 3,200 route passes were purchased in the first hours of the toll system launch

Over 3,200 route passes were purchased in the first hours of the toll system launch

1 March 2020

Over 3,200 route passes were purchased until 10:00 this morning after the toll system was launched.

The information was announced by the Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Nikolay Nankov. Along with Prof. Oleg Asenov,member of the Management Board of the RIA, he checked the start of the toll system at Kalotina BCP.

13,500 of the totally 15,000 on-board units distributed,  were activated immediately after 5:00 this morning.

“The situation is calm, the traffic is intense and from a technical perspective the toll system is working smoothly", Nankov explained. He stressed that there are toll service officials at the border crossings points in the country who are ready to assist the drivers in purchasing and filling out the road passes if necessary.

It takes no more than 4 – 5 minutes to complete such a pass, according to the deputy regional minister.

Nikolay Nankov recalled that toll will be paid for crossing passing on motorways and first-class roads in the country, and the rate in our country is the lowest in Europe. He gave an example of the fees in Serbia, where from Kalotina to the Hungarian border, the most frequently passing heavy goods transport vehicles pay about 90 euros, while in our country from Kalotina to Kapitan Andreevo – about 20 euros.

Regarding the reduction of the scope of the toll system and the prices, Nankov was clear that the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works is responsible in each policy and can not overburden a branch of the country's economic life, because it would reflect even minimally on all other goods and services.

The deputy minister also underlined that they had agreed with the representatives of the carriers branch and that they remain committed that if the planned revenues were not achieved, the prices and the coverage of roads would be indexed within 3 months of the start of the toll system.

Currently, the drivers can be charged with route passes, which could be purchased from the BG TOLL website, as well as from 500 self-service terminals along the road network, as well as from gas stations and the partner network of the national service providers.

“The necessary organisation has been established at all border crossing points in the country, with an information sign placed on each entry corridor, indicating where and at what distance the nearest point of sale of a route pass is and where the drivers can be consulted", said Prof. Oleg Asenov, Member of the Management Board of the RIA. 

A special board of sanctions threatening drivers who do not comply with the new tolling rules is also located in a visible place.