From 1 March 2020, the road vehicles with a total technically permissible maximum mass exceeding 3.5 tonnes, which use paid road sections in Bulgaria, will pay a charge, based on travelled distance, called toll. It replaces the e-vignette for heavy-duty trucks and buses.

Charges per km are defined according to the total technically permissible maximum mass of the road vehicle, its ecological class and the category of road. The tariff can be found at To get an idea of the road charges due, you can use the toll calculator on, Section “Toll”.

The beginning of the paid toll sections is indicated by a sign: 

The total toll roads length is 3,115 km, of which 803 km are motorways and 2,312 km are first-class roads.



The use of paid sections can be done in one of the two ways:

- with a prior declaration of the route and charging before the start of the trip – route pass;

- with a contract concluded with a national service provider, the route being recorded by an on-board unit or by an already installed GPS tracking device.


Route pass

The route pass is a prepaid service – you select the starting and ending points of the route you want to travel, as well as up to four intermediate points (optional). It may be activated until 11:59 p.m. on the day following the purchase if you are not registered in the system and up to seven days in advance if you register with an email address. The driver has 24 hours from the time of activation of the route pass to travel the set route following strictly the selected points.

The route pass can be purchased from the known e-vignette sales channels:

- the National Toll Administration website;

- the BGTOLL mobile application;

- the self-service terminals labelled with the BGTOLL logo – 

- at the booking-offices in the 27 Regional Road Administrations in the country;

- at the points of sale marked with the BGTOLL logo  at the main border crossing points Kalotina BCP, Kapitan Andreevo BCP, Kulata BCP, Danube Bridge – Ruse BCP, Danube Bridge – Vidin BCP, Silistra BCP, Stanke Lisichkovo BCP and Ilinden BCP.

The route pass will also be available for purchase from the network of the RIA partners – national service providers.

Transit travellers will have the opportunity to be consulted at the border so they can choose the most favourable route to the next border crossing point. For this purpose, trained National Toll Administration personnel will assist the drivers.

The information you need on and the BGTOLL mobile app is available in seven languages – English, German, Serbian, Turkish, Russian, Romanian and Greek.

Charging by concluding a contract with a national service provider

The contract may be concluded with one of the companies – national service providers offering electronic road charge services. The company will provide an on-board unit for each of the trucks or buses, which will register the travelled toll segments. The terms and periodicity of payment shall depend on the clauses of the contract.

In case you have a GPS tracker and want to use it also for toll charging, you should check if the company that provided the tracker to you has a contract with any of the national service providers. If there is one, you can conclude a tolling contract with the company concerned.

For use of the on-board units and GPS trackers, contact the RIA partners, which are national toll service providers. The register is located in the "About Us" section of the website


In case the road vehicle is using the paid road network without a pre-purchased route pass for the relevant section or without an on-board unit or a valid GPS tracker or the latter are not switched on and not transmitting real-time data, the electronic system will detect this violation. The driver is obliged to stop at a signal by the mobile toll control teams according to Art. 167a, para. 2, item 1 of the Road Traffic Act.

The control authorities shall propose the payment of a compensatory fee, which may take place on the spot with a bank card via a POS terminal. The payment allows the offender to avoid administrative punishment for the specific violation.

The amount of the compensatory fees is:

Freight vehicle over 3.5 t and up to 12 t

BGN 150

EUR 77

Freight vehicle over 12 t with 2 – 3 axles

BGN 450

EUR 230

Freight vehicle over 12 t with 4 or more axles

BGN 750

EUR 383

Vehicles for passenger transport with more than 8 seats up to 12 t

BGN 150

EUR 77

Vehicles for passenger transport with more than 8 seats above 12 t

BGN 150

EUR 77







If the driver refuses to pay a compensatory fee, a statement of administrative offence will be drawn up for him/her. In order to continue his/her journey, he/she must pay also the so-called maximum toll. The amount depends on the total technically permissible maximum mass of the vehicle and its ecological category.

The compensatory fee may then be paid within 14 days by bank transfer and the payment order shall indicate the number of the statement of administrative offence. If that does not happen, the offender will receive a penal ruling and will be liable to a fine.

In the absence of declared data to determine the distance travelled, the penalty for the driver is BGN 1,800, and for incorrectly declared data, for example, stating an untrue emission class, category or number of axles of the road vehicle, the fine for the owner is BGN 2,500.

The electronic system detects violations automatically and in case you were not stopped by toll control on the road, the owner of the vehicle will receive an electronic fiche by post. He/she will have to pay a compensatory fee by bank transfer within 14 days. If this does not happen, a fine and the corresponding maximum toll are due.

The phone number of the national call centre is +359 700 10 876.