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Advantages of the electronic vignette

    • You can buy E-vignette at any time on the web or through mobile application on your phone
    • There is no need to keep with you any paper to prove purchase of e-vignetteе
    • There is no need to stick a vignette sticker on the front windscreen of your vehicle.

Questions & Answers

As of January 1, 2019, e-vignette will be introduced in Bulgaria for the use of the national payed road network. The prices of the e-vignettes will remain the same for all vehicle types. Starting from 2019 also a weekend vignette will be introduced for light vehicles. Since the entering into force of the e-vignette there is no longer need to put a sticker on the windscreen of the vehicle. During a roadside check by the control authorities the owners and users of the vehicles shall not be obliged to present a document proving the purchase of  e-vignette.

In order to perform its activity on toll collection, the Road Infrastructure Agency will operate an Electronic toll collection system. The system is combination of technical means and procedures for sale, validation and control of the regulated use of the road network.


Pursuant to the Roads Act:

Vignette fee is not due by persons with 50 or over 50 per cent of disabilities, as well as persons or families bringing up permanently disabled children under 18 and until completion of a secondary course of education, but not later than till their 20 year of age. These persons are granted free e- vignette with validity of one year.

Vignette fee is not due also for vehicles with less than 4 wheels, as well as for wheel tractors, tractor trailers and other self-propelled machinery registered for work under the Law for registration and control of the agricultural and forestry machinery.

Vehicles owned by the Ministry of Interior, the National security service, the State Agency “National security”, the Emergency medical care and the Armed forces do not pay vignette charge as well.

As of 2019 e-vignette and toll will be introduced in Bulgaria as a modern way of charging for the use of the national payed road network.

In this way the necessary financial resource is being generated, that is further invested for sustainable development of existing and new roads, including road safety.

The road charge collection system is based on state of the art technologies which allow suitable ways of payment and control without hindering the free movement of the vehicles.

The system applies a fair charging model based on European directives.