Over 753 thousand annual e-vignettes expire in the first two months of 2022

Over 753 thousand annual e-vignettes expire in the first two months of 2022

10 December 2021

Over 753 thousand annual e-vignettes for vehicles expire in the first two months of 2022. Drivers can buy and check the validity of the electronic vignette on www.bgtoll.bg and the mobile application BGTOLL.

The validity of the electronic vignette can be checked on the website www.bgtoll.bg from the button “Vignette Check”. By entering the registration plate of the vehicle and the country in which it is registered, everyone can get information about the expiration of the electronic vignette, regardless of where it was purchased – from commercial facilities of the Road Infrastructure Agency or in the commercial network of RIA partners. The status can be “active”, “expired” or “unused” in cases where the vignette was purchased with a delayed start within 30 days from the start date of validity.

Owners of vehicles that have e-vignettes issued through the Agency for Social Assistance can check their validity on the RIA website – https://check.bgtoll.bg/#/. The button reads “Verification of an e-vignette issued by the Agency for Social Assistance”. The information about the term of the annual free vignette appears after entering the registration plate of the vehicle.

Given the epidemiological situation with Covid-19, the National Toll Administration appeals to users to utilize the website www.bgtoll.bg or the mobile application when buying an e-vignette. Electronic vignettes can also be purchased through other RIA sales channels – at a cash counter or through a self-charging terminal – by cards. There are cash counters at the main border checkpoints, as well as in the 27 regional road administrations throughout the entire country. There are nearly 500 self-charging terminals.

The annual vignette costs BGN 97, the quarterly – BGN 54, the monthly – BGN 30, the weekly – BGN 15, and the weekend vignette – BGN 10.

Electronic vignettes can also be purchased from the partner network of the Road Infrastructure Agency through the websites www.vinetki.bg, www.tollpass.bg, www.digitoll.bg, www.epay.bg, www.telenor.bg, www.A1.bg, www.vivacom.bg, www.tollbg.eu, as well as at the cash desk in the network of mobile operators A1, Telenor, Vivacom, Bulgarian Posts, Easy Pay, Fast Pay and in the gas stations “Lukoil”, “Petrol”, OMV, ECO, Kruiz, Benita, Gazprom, Rompetrol, Shell, Insa Oil, VM Petrolium, Tahoe Venci service centers. Electronic vignettes can also be purchased through the Cashterminal terminals in the Intercapital Group network or through the UBB Mobile and TollPass mobile applications.

When purchasing an e-vignette, users need to carefully review and verify the information entered by them or the corresponding employee before confirming the final payment for the electronic vignette. The responsibility for filling in the correct information for the number of the vehicle, its category and the period of validity of the vignette lies with its owner or user. In case of incorrectly declared data, it is considered that the due vignette fee for the respective vehicle has not been paid.

The entry of the symbols from the registration plate can be in both Cyrillic and Latin, but it has to correspond to the symbols in the registration plate itself. When writing the plate number, only letters and numbers are entered. The symbols 0 (zero) and O (letter O) are not interchangeable. The numerical digit 0 (zero) must be written for the respective number, and “O”, for the letter. If the registration plate contains a dash, period or space, they are not entered.

215,840 free electronic vignettes were provided to people with disabilities from the beginning of 2021 to the end of November. They are for nearly BGN 21 million and are at the expense of the RIA budget. 97 426 pcs. free vignettes are valid until the end of January 2022, 37,701 expire in February and over 19 thousand e-vignettes – in March next year.

Verification of the validity of the e-vignettes granted through the Agency for Social Assistance can be done on the website of RIA – www.api.bg, www.bgtoll.bg from the button which reads “Verification of an e-vignette issued by the Agency for Social Assistance” and on the website of the Agency for Social Assistance www.asp.government.bg. The direct link for verification is https://check.bgtoll.bg/#/.

People with more than 50 percent reduced working capacity, as well as families raising children with permanent disabilities up to the age of 18 or until the completion of secondary education, but not older than 20, are entitled to a free one-year e-vignette. According to the Roads Act, the right is granted for a vehicle with up to 160 hp. and engine capacity not exceeding 2000 m3.

The application for the issuance of a free e-vignette is submitted by the person entitled to the Social Assistance Directorate at the present address - in person, by letter or electronically with an electronic signature. The social services process the documents within 7 days. The Agency for Social Assistance sends the processed applications on a daily basis to the Road Infrastructure Agency, which issues the e-vignette within the next working day.

It is recommended that applications for the renewal of free vignettes be submitted as their expiry date approaches. The procedure for issuing a new vignette takes about 10 days.

When transferring ownership of a road vehicle, changing license plates or scrapping a vehicle, for example, a free e-vignette does not follow the vehicle. In these cases, the eligible person must notify the RIA within three working days in order to receive a new free vignette until the expiry of the first one.

In case of difficulties and need for consultation, those wishing to be issued a free e-vignette through the Agency for Social Assistance can contact the customer service center of the National Toll Administration by phone: 0700 10 876 or in writing by e-mail: info@bgtoll.bg.